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Check out what participants at the 2014 Cross Country Academy had to say in this AWESOME Wordle: XC Wordle

PSIA Technical Model and Reformatted Cross Country Standards. PSIA-NRM will begin using them now.
The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) National Office invited all divisions to send representatives to Copper Mountain, Colorado to review, address and agree on the minimum standards of teaching, skiing and technical knowledge for instructors and coaches pursuing a Level I, II or III certification in October 2013 and 2014.  Interested in reading more?  Chick here to read Brenda Winkler’s summary of what the 2014 Copper Mountain conference was all about

In summary, in 2013 we solidified a PSIA Technical Model shown below and in 2014 we reformatted the standards to align with the technical model.

PSIA Technical Model consists of:
Compatible with USSA Sports Performance Triangle:
Fundamental Movements
Fundamental Athletic Body Position

XC Ski Skills include:
push off
weight transfer
all leading to “Continuous Forward Motion”


Our NRM-DEC staff met on December 3, 2014 and although the reformatted standards are currently being polished up and voted on, we (NRM-DEC staff) unanimously agreed to begin using the standards as we anticipate they will become our national standards soon. Some minor modifications may follow but as Herb Davis stated  “the work you (Brenda Winkler) and the group (Copper Mountain conference attendees) have done on the standards and the format is some of the best educational and certification material I've seen come out of PSIA since I've been a member.”   Click here to download a copy of the Reformatted XC Standards, including downhill Maneuvers, Skiing Manuevers, and Tasks and begin using them now.

Our efforts solidified the National XC Team direction of the final edits to the XC Technical Manual. Our next focus will be to work on a national workbook and written exam. This will ensure that we maintain consistency between the model, standards, tasks, workbook, exam, and there application across divisions. Our NRM staff are working on an interim Level I, II, and III certification workbook but until that has been developed we will continue to use our old workbook as a guide.  We anticipate the national Team will complete the Technical manual and supporting documentation will be available next season.

The biggest PSIA XC Event of the Year - The XC Academy - held in West Yellowstone November 29-December 2, 2014, was a huge success and NRM is looking forward to hosting this amazing event next season.  Look for a summary of the event soon. 
XC Team Member David Lawrence: Skate Ski Hop Drill & Progression Video
XC Team Member David Lawrence: Two double poling videos.
Video 1 = double pole overview explained using the new PSIA skills model (push-off, glide, weight transfer).
Video 2 = quick double pole drill built in an easy to follow progression.