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Skate Ski Hop Drill & Progression Video

Here are two new double pole videos.
Video 1 = double pole overview explained using the new PSIA skills model (push-off, glide, weight transfer).
Video 2 = quick double pole drill built in an easy to follow progression.
Check them out here: double poling videos.

Plus - The Biggest PSIA Nordic Event of the Year... Be sure to sign-up for the first ever PSIA Nordic Ski Academy. You can read all about here.

A New Manual, A New Technical Model and Updated Standards

The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) National Office invited all divisions to send representatives to Copper Mountain, Colorado to review, address and agree on the minimum standards of teaching, skiing and technical knowledge for instructors and coaches pursuing a Level I, II or III certification.

Here's a quick overview of what we did, and your first glimpse of the new XC Technical Model!

Current Standards - The current standards that are in place now will remain our national standards for one more year. Any new standards need to be proposed then approved by the PSIA board of directors. The first deadline for that is December 15, 2013, hence this outreach to the divisions. Click here to download a copy of the proposed standards.

What we need from you: We need the divisions to review, test, explore, kick and prod the standard's matrix content and structure and let us (the PSIA National XC Team) know what you think. Please provide David Lawrence ( a write-up of your recommendations or thoughts by December 15, 2013.

NEW! Cross Country (XC) Technical Model and XC Skills Concept - The new XC Technical Model incorporates past and present models from PSIA and the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) with current XC technical knowledge. The new XC Technical Model organizes XC skills, movements, stance, timing and power with an overarching outcome "continuous forward motion". The new XC Technical Model unifies the PSIA skills concept and USSA's performance model with our XC certification standards, movement analysis tools, teaching progressions and manual organization. Click here to see the new model.

What we need from you: The multidivisional panel kicked, pushed, pulled, tore down and reconstructed the XC Technical model numerous times during the conference; we present the attached model for your division to do the same and let us (the PSIA National XC Team) know what you think. Please provide David Lawrence ( a write-up of your recommendations or thoughts by December 15, 2013.

NEW! PSIA XC Technical Manual - Rewriting the XC Technical Manual is underway and almost done. Steve Hindman, former PSIA team member, author and industry legend, has been pounding away on the keyboard writing the bulk of the manual. Taking what Steve wrote, we are organizing the new XC Technical Manual to support the new XC Technical Model and XC Skills Concept. The new manual will present a unified structure from start to finish, beginning with a fundamental athletic stance, then introduce and explain the skills concept, next follows fundamental movements blended together with timing and power. Together, they explain the core of XC skiing "continuous forward motion". The new manual will then describe the maneuvers and techniques of XC skiing (think V1, V2, diagonal stride, etc). The rest of the manual covers biomechanics, physics, teaching pro gressions, movement analysis, teaching strategies and multi-week progressions.

For more clarity, please contact any member of the Cross Country PSIA Fall Conference Committee: Scott McGee (Inner Rocky Mountain), David Lawrence (Northwest), Ross Matlock (Rocky Mountain), Patti Banks (Rocky Mountain), Brenda Winkler (Northern Rocky Mountain), Paul Peterson (Western) or Dan Clausen (Central).


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