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Welcome to PSIA-AASI NRM

In NRM it is our goal to provide snowsports professionals the training and support to develop both personally and professionally. Whether you teach on the snow part time or full time, or at a large or small area, and regardless of the tool on your feet, our purpose is to support you in your job. We do this by:
  • Giving you the tools you need to excel
  • Offering educational events to improve your skills as a skier, rider and instructor
  • Providing a system of certification for instructors that rewards and recognizes three levels of achievement in teaching and skiing/riding
  • Providing professional credibility for members, both with the general public and within ski area management
  • Keeping you up to date as our sports and our industry change

Please use this website as a resource. The links across the top provide membership, event and contact info and the links on the left provide discipline specific information to help you navigate your way through the certification and professional development process.

If you cannot find the info you are looking for contact the NRM division office at or the PSIA-AASI national office at

How to Become An Instructor: E-Learning Modules


The NRM 2015 Winter Newsletter is now available! 2.8.15

The time has come to vote for who you would like to see as your next two board representatives! Ballots will be in your mailbox by the end of February. See below for candidate statements.


Hello, my name is Jim Mikulich and I would appreciate your consideration and support for a seat on the board of directors. I am currently a full time ski instructor at Big Sky. I have been a member of PSIA since 1989. During those years I have worked in both children and adult programs. I am alpine certified level 3. Prior to working at Big Sky I spent several years as an examiner/clinician for PSIA Central Division. Over those years I have had the opportunity, as a member of the education staff, to spend a lot of time with fellow members from a wide range of resorts. Our membership is a very diverse group of all different ages and experience levels with a wide variety of needs from our organization. As diverse as the members are, we have a lot of the same needs. As a board member I will do my best to serve and help the board provide the best education programs and materials to help you achieve your goals from certification to continued education. If you’re ever at Big Sky I would love to meet and talk with you.


Time to pay it forward. I’m a career skier. I’ve been in this industry since 1985. On the sales floor, rental repair shop, owned a shop for a while and still tune professionally. I’ve been teaching skiing since 2002 and have been certified since 2006. Or maybe I’m a ski bum with a good job. In real life I’m the Program Director for the Birch Creek Outdoor Education Center for the University of Montana Western. All of my professional endeavors have allowed me the opportunity to share my passion for teaching active, outdoor education. Be it finding a crying six year old yard sailed across the hill, skiing with them until it clicks, and being paid with only a smile and a laugh, or, instilling an awareness of ecological principles to the next generation of decision makers, it’s that aha moment that pays me the greatest dividend. I work in academia, I go to a lot of meetings with highly educated, opinionated individuals. We all have common goal and work together for the greater good of the University and our greatest asset, the students. I’m well versed in strategic planning, I’ve written and implemented master plans and operational plans as required by federal and state entities. I’ve utilized my 501 C3 status to procure funding. Evaluation is constant in a learning environment. In short, I feel that I could utilize the skill set achieved through my professional endeavors to further enhance the mission of PSIA. Please consider me for the Board of Directors. Paying it forward to an organization that has provided me with so much seems like a natural progression.


Hello, my name is Karl Svensson and I would like to represent you as member of the NRM Board of Directors. I’ve been teaching skiing for the last three years at Terry Peak in the Black Hills of South Dakota. However, I started as a full time ski instructor many years ago at Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe and spent several years there. Life took me in a different direction and back to Nebraska where teaching skiing wasn’t an option. A few years ago I moved to the Black Hills and was able to start teaching again. I am a Level II Alpine
instructor working toward my Level III. Along with my diverse skiing and teaching background, I also come with experience in business management as I have owned and operated my own construction business for the last 15 years. I also have experience serving on non-profit boards as I currently serve on Friends of Custer County Search & Rescue and Custer Bark Beetle Blues. I’ve also been fortunate to work with the alpine South Dakota Special Olympic athletes these last few years. I understand the challenges of working, teaching and the dynamics of both small resorts and very large resorts and also as a full and part-time ski instructor. I believe there should be representation on the board of all sectors and members of our region. I’d like to represent the smaller ski areas and part time instructors so that we have a voice on the NRM board and would appreciate your vote.


My job as Lead Instructor at Red Lodge Mountain has solidified for me the value PSIA-NRM brings to the industry. From the front-line, first-year instructor to the talented weekend warrior on the verge of making that next big leap, and from the scared stiff never-ever to the salty old dog ready to learn a new trick, this organization allows everyone on the mountain to thrive. I love it, I’m passionate about it, and I’m ready to give back to it. That’s why I’m running for NRM Board of Directors. This is my third year in NRM after transferring from Central Division. In the summer I am general manager of a lawn and landscape company. My experience prior to my leap of faith to make snow sports instruction my full-time job was as general manager of a daily newspaper, managing editor for an educational publishing company, and consultant to a major publisher during the mid- 2000s blitz to shape national Common Core State Standards in K-12 education. In a nutshell, my experience is in communication, leadership, and education, all skills I would consider it an honor to put to use serving the membership of NRM. Thank you for considering me for the NRM Board of Directors.


Hello, my name is Matt Ruuhela and am I running for a seat on PSIA AASI NRM Board of Directors. Over the years, I have been able to meet many of the great
people on our division. For those of you who may not know much about me here is some
background information. Snowsports instruction is my career. I have been involved in the industry full-time for over 10 years. I began my instruction career in Oregon at Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood before moving and working at Big Sky Resort. I also have international teaching experience, having worked out of Queenstown, New Zealand. I have achieved Level 3 certification in Alpine and Telemark, as well as a Children’s Specialist Level 2 and an Adaptive Level 1. For the last four years, I have been a Supervisor at Big Sky Resort. Beginning with managing the Youth Local Programs and now managing the Children’s (ages 7-14) Program. I was also the Children’s Program Manager at Timberline Lodge in Oregon. As someone who has benefitted from everything that PSIA has to offer, I would like to now give my time and energy back to the division in this specific role. In other words, I want to help out. I feel that my diverse, multi-disciplinary snowsports background and ability to relate to the front-line instructors will make me a successful member of the PSIA-NRM Board of Directors. I look forward to being able to contribute my skills and a fresh perspective.


My name is Gary Peterson and I am a Level II Alpine and Telemark
instructor at Big Sky Resort. I have been a member of PSIA for twenty-two years in the Central Division and the Northern Rocky Mountain Division. I am asking for your support to allow me to represent you as a member of the NRM Board of Directors. As a member from two different Divisions, I truly believe that the Northern Rocky Mountain Division provides outstanding quality service and support to its members. This is because we have a remarkable office staff, dedicated clinic/exam staff, and a professional and devoted Board of Directors. I am very impressed with how the current Board is diligently working toward positioning this Division to address the current and future needs of its members. With my years of PSIA experience and multiple years of board experience with both professional and volunteer organizations, I would like to think that I would be viewed as a value-added resource as a Board member as well as being a voice for the general membership in representing your needs and wishes in the Board’s decision-making process. Your vote for my appointment to the Board would be greatly appreciated.


The PSIA-AASI Northern Rocky Mountain division has once again reached that point of the year to make a decision on new leadership. In the past, we have had great leadership and representation. It would be an honor to join the great group of leaders we have in office today. I am running for one of the two positions available on our board of directors because I believe I have a lot to offer the Northern Rocky Mountain division. I am running on representing the smaller resorts based on their needs compared to bigger resorts. I have worked a majority of my career at Terry Peak in South Dakota and a few years at Alta and Big Sky, so I have experience at both big and small resorts and I am aware of what the smaller resorts need to be successful. We have had several great representatives from the big resorts but very few with small resort experience. For these reasons, I believe that someone with small mountain experience would be a great contribution to the board. I believe that my past experiences have prepared me well to be a strong member on the Northern Rocky Mountain board. First and foremost I have many years of business experience working and managing our family owned construction company. Working for the family company I have experienced every position from grunt work to superintendent. In addition to my business experiences, I have also held office as Vice President in a voluntary club. I believe my duties and experiences as Vice President will contribute to me being a strong leader of the Northern Rocky Mountain division. I believe my business experience and time as a Vice President have given me the tools to be a successful representative on the NRM board. The opportunity to be a part of the NRM board would be a great learning experience for myself in obtaining my future goals as a ski instructor. I am looking forward to representing you and your ideas on skiing and ski instructing. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration in trusting me to represent the Northern Rocky Mountain division on the Northern Rocky Mountain board.


My name is Stu Hoyt. I am running for a position on the Northern Rockies Board of Directors. I have been a member of PSIA for 15 years, during which time I have taught at Lost Trail Powder Mountain, served on the Nordic Committee, and acted as a telemark clinician and examiner for the Nordic Education Staff. I see an opportunity to bring my experience to the Board of Directors and the Northern Rockies Division of PSIA-AASI. In my professional life outside of skiing, I have worked in wildfire management for the US Forest Service for 35 years. Much of my career has been spent in leadership positions, during which time I have been actively involved in incident management and training fire professionals. I also have many years experience working as a board member and Assistant Chair for the Ravalli United Soccer program. By Running for the Board of Directors, I feel that I can provide a voice for the smaller ski areas in the division and to the many dedicated part time teaching staff who bring many professional talents to our organization. Recently I was given the opportunity to attendFall Conference as a Telemark representative for the Northern Rocky Mountain Division. The event gave me new insight into PSIA-AASI. I learned first-hand how much our small division brings to the table on the national level. As a board member I will continue to foster anenvironment that provides high quality learning experiences while actively trying to engage all members new and old. Thank you for your support, if elected I look forward to serving you.


My name is Thaddeus Widmer and I am a current member of the PSIA AASI family. I am excited about the possibility of serving you and the PSIA-AASI membership. I am a young 44 year old husband and father of two little, up and coming, Montana shredders, Emerson 9 and Jude 6. We are part of the Lost Trail family and community. I am a level II and FS1 Certified Alpine Instructor and my boys are part of the All Mountain and Free Ride Team. My eldest son is last year’s Cold Smoke Free Ride Champion. Our passion in life is skiing, though since it is difficult to raise a family on a seasonal wage, I spend my weekdays working as a Mental Health Therapist. I work in the local Hamilton Montana School system, working with youth who have severe emotional and behavioral problems. Additionally, I have a small private practice working with children, adolescents and young adults helping them to navigate life challenges. Working as a Mental Health Therapist provides me with the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. After some careful thought and consideration I have decided to respond to PSIA-AASI and their need to fill vacant board positions. I am taking this opportunity to take my love and passion for skiing to the next level. I have a long history of putting my energy and efforts to work for the greater good of the community. It’s my plan and hope I can do this for PSIA-AASI membership. I realize I am not a well-known member of the PSIA-AASI family, but I am enthusiastic about the possibility of serving you. I would love to represent the smaller ski areas in our division. I will bring some freshness, new insights, knowledge, perspective and most importantly fun to the board. It is with great interest that I await the results of the upcoming election. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider me as your newest representative.


I am a mother. I am a single mother. I am a skier. I am a snowboarder. I am a teacher. I am a communicator. I am a full-time employee in customer service. Who am I? I am all of these things. I am Kathy Zadlock and I’d like to be considered for a board position with PSIAAASI NRM. My first time on skis was Christmas Day in 1979 at Killington, VT. It rained that day ... not fun! Yet it still managed to kindle somepassion and excitement for sliding on snow. Snowboarding began in 1985 for me at Stratton Mountain, VT. My brother ended up buying a snowboard only to find, when we got home to south central Pennsylvania, we weren’t allowed to use it! By the time my brother left for college things had changed and somehow I managed to survive my first season on a snowboard in ‘88-’89 (I just had to be better than my brother!). Teaching began while I was a freshman at Penn State. Yes, I will have to admit, I loved the idea of getting a free pass! However, over the years, I found that the more lessons I taught, the more I loved sharing a passion that is so very important to me. The highlight of my teaching career has been watching my own 12 year old daughter grow to love the sport as much as I do. The very last day of this past season she led the way down a double black run. I’m so very proud of her! I moved to Montana twelve years ago in search of bigger mountains and more snow. I think I found was I was looking for! I settled in Stevensville (Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula) and now call Lost Trail my home ski area. I would love the opportunity to represent a different demographic within the ski/snowboard teaching world, and coming from a ski school with only about 50 instructors, I feel I can relate to and represent those of us that come from these smaller ski schools within our division. Change is going to happen no matter what. Change can be a good thing or sometimes very hard to understand. I’ve seen lots of changes happen in PSIA-AASI over the years and I feel that good communication is critical to helping our members understand and embraces changes that happen. I believe I have the skills to make this happen. I hope you will consider me to fill the open spot on the board. I feel I have a lot to offer and willing to do what I can to make sure the needs of ALL of our members are consistently met.

Help us recognize those NRM members who have had a positive impact on you, the organization and snowsports as a whole. Know someone with contagious enthusiasm for instructing snowsports, a benevolent individual who has committed hours to an extensive NRM project, a role model with a long-time history with the organization? Nominate him/her to receive an award this fall (awards will be bestowed at Fall Fest).

The NRM 2014 Fall Newsletter is now avaible! 10.20.14

NRM Online New Membership Application now available! 09.15.14

AASI, PSIA Alpine, PSIA Adaptive Alpine, AASI Adaptive Snowboard, PSIA Nordic Cross Country, & PSIA Telemark. 08.01.14

Mark your calendar for these important dates:

November 30-December 2, 2014
Collaborate with the PSIA Nordic Team, NRM Ed Staff, and XC instructors from across the country...on the menu: presentations, on snow clinics, and social events.

December 12-14, 2014
When all disciplines come together to celebrate the beginning of another great winter season! Look forward to ed clinics, prep clinics, exams and social gatherings...

NRM Spring Board Meeting
Saturday, June 6th, 2015- 9am

Minutes from previous meetings

Northern Rocky Mountain News - Winter 2014

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PSIA-AASI Governance Task Force Statement to Membership - May 23, 2013

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